Logo with effects and animations, and link to homepage.
The effect consists in the movement of dots on the "i". This effect is visible in ALL THE PAGES of the website (in the upper-left corner).
Download Javascript suorce code here!

Media Viewer

Media viewer: basic presentation tool, with sequence of media.
On the HOME PAGE you can find the work associated with this exercise. For this assignment we have created a slide photo gallery. We used JavaScript and a JQuery library to create it.
In this gallery we have included video players with the basic recipes of Italian food. Do you like to cook?...then you can try these recipes.
Download Javascript suorce code here!

Annotation Editor

Annotation editor: interactive annotation, with drawing and (possibly) tags/comments.
You can find the work concerning this assignment in the page ANNOTATION. The Editor was created with a html5 canvas and javascript. This is a different way to present an annotation editor. Maybe the children will appreciate it.
Download Javascript suorce code here!

Save images

Capture of media.
In the ANNOTATION page are given the option to save your custom image, using the "Save image" link. This function has been implemented in javascript (using the canvas properties).

Pizza Game

Final project.
You can find our final project in the GAME page of this website. The entire project was implemented in JavaScript and HTML5. You can also find more information about the game in the PRESENTATION page (where you can download our final reports). In the end, you can download the Javascript code here.
Download Javascript suorce code here!